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High Speed Internet – Network Hut Updates through June 5, 2022

The Highway Department completed site preparation work in early November 2020 for the placement of the Network Hut and the backup generator. The Hut will contain all of the electronic brains for controlling the fiber optic network and was delivered, together with the backup generator, on Monday, November 23, 2020. The propane tank for the … Continued

Streaming means watching your TV and movies over the internet

Whip City Fiber provides internet service.  They do not provide television programming, but they offer access to all streaming service providers.  Many customers will subscribe to one or more streaming services (YouTube TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.) for watching TV, movies, and sports over the internet. Watch this video from Whip City Fiber on … Continued

Speed and your new Internet Service

Anna at Whip City Fiber talks about getting the most from your internet connection in this WCF video. Note that Goshen’s new internet service is fully synchronous.  This means that your downloads and uploads are capable of the same transmission speeds.  No more waiting 10-20 times as long for an upload as a download. ADDITIONAL USEFUL … Continued

High Speed Internet – Utility Company Make Ready work completed

National Grid finished their make ready work  in May 2020, two months ahead of schedule.  They replaced 108 poles and moved wires on all the poles in town. Verizon has finished their make ready work of moving wires on all utility poles as of October 21, 2020. Axia/KCST and their subcontractor Phoenix have completed all … Continued

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