Streaming means watching your TV and movies over the internet

Posted on March 13, 2022

Live Fiber

Whip City Fiber provides internet service.  They do not provide television programming, but they offer access to all streaming service providers.  Many customers will subscribe to one or more streaming services (YouTube TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.) for watching TV, movies, and sports over the internet.

Watch this video from Whip City Fiber on How to Start Streaming.   If advertisement videos start first you can click “Skip Ads” to directly to the video.

Next go to the Streaming Page on the Whip City Fiber website for links to numerous streaming sites and additional useful information and contacts information for help with streaming devices and smart TVs.

This flier will help you get started.  Cutting the Cord: How to Stream Video with Whip City Fiber


The Whip City Fiber site also has FAQs with information on the topics below at Whip City Fiber Goshen FAQs.

  • Signing Up
  • Goshen Installation Costs [with a link to the “Detailed Drop Policy”  in item 1 of this section]
  • Other Costs
  • General Information
  • Information on email, phone, streaming and television
  • Connection speeds
  • Equipment
  • Phone Service (VOIP)
  • Technical Information
  • Customer Installations
  • Security
  • Outages
  • Suspend or Cancel Service

Click here for information on Streaming TV & movies over the internet & Streaming Services.

Click here for the Whip City Fiber Help Center which has information on the topics below:

  • Troubleshooting your internet & router wireless network connection
  • What to know if there is an outage
  • How to access your customer portal
  • How can I get the best speeds from Whip City Fiber
  • How to customize and utilize your OOMA premier VOIP phone (if you signed up for VOIP phone service)

Click here for Whip City Fiber Customer Service & Technical Support contact information.

A terms and conditions document can be found at Goshen Whip City FIber Terms and Conditions.

For a complete list of current (late 2020 & beyond) project updates click on High Speed Internet postings in Town News & Announcements.

Additionally you can go to the High Speed Internet project page.

For a glossary of terms used go to  Goshen MLP High Speed Internet Glossary.


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