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Weekly postings indicating which roads are being worked on will be updated on this page in reverse chronological order with additional information as it becomes available.  Note that all construction is weather dependent.

Week of March 1-5, 2021:  TriWire crews pull fiber and lash to the wire cable strand put up the previous week on West Street and Fuller Road.

Week of February 22-26, 2021:  TriWire crews attach wire cable strand to utility company poles on West Street and Fuller Road.

What is the Distribution Network?

The distribution network consists of all the existing utility poles that are on both public and private roads in Goshen.  The distribution network will connect back to the Network Hut and to the backbone, which is the main transmission line.  It does NOT include any of the service drops which will connect the distribution network to customer premises.  Service drops, or customer installs, are scheduled after sections of the distribution network are completed.

The distribution network is built out and completed in several phases:

  1.  Wire cable strand is strung from pole to pole
  2.  Fiber optic cable is  lashed to the wire cable strand for support and resilience in the face of storms and windfall
  3. Network extensions are installed at locations, off road, that do not meet the 170 foot minimum distance requirement between poles
  4.  Splice cases are installed and splicing is done anywhere fiber needs to be joined together
  5. Multi service terminals (MSTs) are installed, where needed, to allow multiple premises to be connected from one location
  6. Testing and verification of fiber connections to the hut are done to be sure connections are working correctly

Further updates to this post will  be made as new developments occur.

For a complete list of current (late 2020 & beyond) project updates click on Broadband postings in Town News & Announcements.

Additionally you can go to the Broadband High Speed Internet project page.


National Grid finished their make ready work  in May 2020, two months ahead of schedule.  They replaced 108 poles and moved wires on all the poles in town.

Verizon has finished their make ready work of moving wires on all utility poles as of October 21, 2020.

Axia/KCST and their subcontractor Phoenix have completed all of their make ready work to move middle mile lines for MBI along portions of Route 9 as of November 5, 2020.

Project engineer inspection ride outs by Westfield Gas & Electric,  as well as both National Grid & Verizon began in tandem on November 16, 2020 and were completed on December 2, 2020.  This work is to verify that all the work done by National Grid, Verizon and MBI was done to regulatory and project engineering specifications.  Deficiencies that are found are documented and then have to be corrected by the utility companies.   Inspections indicate that there are 107 mostly minor items to be remediated by National Grid.  National Grid began their remediation work on December 8, 2020 and they completed their remediation work on December 21, 2020.  Verizon has 33 items to be corrected and they have scheduled their work to begin on January 8, 2021.  As of this posting Verizon has no estimated date of completion for their work.  MBI middle mile remediation work has begun and their Local Linx contractor has not yet completed this work as of  March 1, 2021.  The anticipated timeline for completion of remediation work is March 2021 and may change depending upon winter weather.    Updated timelines will be posted as information is available.

Fiber distribution network construction has begun in parallel with the remainder of the remediation work that has not yet been completed.

Enrollment periods and policies for fiber to the home service, and the process to follow, as well as costs, subsidies, and policies will be communicated soon.

Further updates to this post will  be made as new developments occur.

For a complete list of current (late 2020 & beyond) project updates click on Broadband postings in Town News & Announcements.

Additionally you can go to the Broadband High Speed Internet project page.


The Highway Department completed site preparation work in early November for the placement of the Network Hut and the backup generator.

The Hut will contain all of the electronic brains for controlling the fiber optic network and was delivered, together with the backup generator, on Monday, November 23.

The propane tank for the back up generator was installed on 12/16/2020 and connected on 1/8/2021.

National Grid installed a utility pole and connecting wires to provide electric service to the hut on 12/21/2020.  Electricity has been connected to the hut and generator as of 12/31/2020.

A live generator fail over test was successfully conducted and settings for failover testing have been completed.

The Hut is now fully prepared for installation of fiber optic cable connections and the components required to operate the fiber optic network  and to be tested by Westfield Gas & Electric in preparation for the construction of the distribution network which begins the of February 22, 2021.

Updates on these processes will be posted as they are accomplished.

Hut Delivery 11/23/2020

For a complete list of current (late 2020 & beyond) project updates click on Broadband postings in Town News & Announcements.

Additionally you can go to the Broadband High Speed Internet project page.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Westfield Gas & Electric have partnered with some hilltowns to temporarily offer a high speed internet connection at a central location in each participating town.  This connection will offer speeds of up to 200 MBPS for up to 15 concurrent connections.  In Goshen, that Wi-Fi  connection has been installed at the Town Office building.  This connection will be available through June 30, 2021, depending on the duration of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.  The necessity for extending this access will be determined by the state towards the end of 2020.

When utilizing parking lot Wi-Fi, you must practice all current Massachusetts Department of Public Health guidelines for SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCING (MassDPH Social Distancing Guidelines).

Goshen Town Office & Town Hall – Connect to either:

WhipCityFiber_Wifi  OR  WhipCityFiber_Wifi-5G

Park in the lot in front of the Town Office and along the side of the Town Hall.

In addition to public Wi-Fi availability in the parking lot next to the Goshen Town Hall & Town Office, the following schools in our area have provided Wi-Fi capabilities to the exterior of buildings.  This availability will continue until it is required internally at the schools.  Individual schools will be removed from this list when availability ends.

Anne T. Dunphy School in Williamsburg – Connect to:  BURGY-Guest

Park along the curb in the front of the building.

Hampshire Regional High School in Westhampton – Connect to: HRSD-Guest

Park along any side of the building, except for the back parking lot area.

New Hingham Regional Elementary School in Chesterfield – Connect to: NHRES-Guest

Park along the sidewalk in FRONT of the school between the cafeteria door and the Pre-School entrance.

R.H. Conwell School in Worthington – Connect to: RHCCEC-Guest

Park along the curb in the front of the building.

Westhampton Elementary School – Connect to: WES-Guest

Park along the sidewalk directly in front of the school in between the main entrance and the corner of the building closest to the parking lot.

William E. Norris School in Southampton – Connect to: NORRIS-Guest

Park along the curb in the front of the building between the main office and the pre-school entry, or park in the spaces along Gunn Rd. Ext., or park directly behind the school closest to the art/music hallway entry at the far end of the parking lot.


Requests for Proposals for the construction of Goshen’s fiber optic network were released May 6.

Competitive bids were received on May 22.  Bids were reviewed and analyzed by the project engineering team at Westfield Gas & Electric for any errors, omissions or questions and to verify they complied with the RFP documentation.

After thorough review by Westfield Gas & Electric and the MLP Manager, over the next several weeks, the recommendation was made to award the contract to TriWire Engineering as the lowest qualified bidder.  The bid came in at $522,000 which was approximately $200,000 under the estimated cost.  Triwire Engineering will also be doing the network construction in Cummington and Chesterfield and they have a proven construction record.  They are a Massachusetts based employee owned company with over 900 employes that was started in 1999.

An Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) was drawn up and signed in June, to formalize the contract for fiber optic network construction in Goshen, between Westfield Gas & Electric, TriWire Engineering and the Town of Goshen.

Construction will begin after all utility company make ready work is completed.

Further updates to this post will  be made as new developments occur.

Click on Capital Projects, then Broadband for the current project timeline.



The Municipal Light Plant (MLP) Board voted to select Westfield Gas & Electric as Goshen’s ISP & NO.

Selection criteria were based on the following:

    • Local control over MLP decisions, policies & profits
    • Reliability, experience & integrity of the business partner
    • Proven business track record, history & financial stability
    • Local control over rate setting
    • Structural contractual differences

As a result of this decision, Goshen will no longer be a member of Wired West as of March 2020.

If you have previously given Wired West a deposit, you may request a refund by clicking on Wired West deposit refund info and following the directions found there.


State grant monies originally provided Goshen with $770,000 as partial funding for Goshen’s fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) town-owned network.  In addition, the town voted to borrow up to $1.4 million to cover the remaining costs of building the town’s FTTH network.

“Make-ready” costs have far exceeded the estimates from the initial project cost assessment.  (“Make-ready” costs are what the town must pay the utility companies to replace poles and move lines on poles, in order to meet current regulatory standards for additional network equipment and fiber.)  The original make-ready project cost estimates were $550,000 and were included in the total state grant monies of $770,000 indicated above.  The current make-ready project costs will likely total $1.3 – $1.4 million dollars, far exceeding the earlier estimates.

The original make-ready cost projections were created using computer modeling, without actual visits to the towns.  While make-ready projections were accurate for many towns, Goshen’s were not, as computer modeling could not forecast the large amount of work required for utility companies to bring Goshen’s infrastructure into compliance with current standards.  The town and the state have worked together to obtain extra grant monies to cover the $750,000 – $850,000 make-ready funding gap.  The state has already approved additional grant funding monies to the town with an initial supplemental of $532,337; and, the state has agreed to provide additional grant monies to cover the rest of the make-ready funding gap at project completion.

See the chart below for revised funding sources and totals as of December 2019:

Project Categories State Grant Funds CAF II FCC AWARD Municipal Funds Total Amount
Professional Services Allocation
(original state grant award monies)
$320,000     $320,000
Construction Allocation
(original state grant award monies)
$450,000     $450,000
Supplemental Make Ready Funds recently provided by the State to the Town $532,337     $532,337
Potential Additional Make Ready Funds available at project true-up
(see #1 below)
$177,446     $177,446
CAF II – Federal FCC grant monies award obtained through partnership with Westfield Gas & Electric
(see #2 below)
  $261,762   $261,762
Current Municipal Contribution via debt exclusion authorization     $1,400,000 $1,400,000
TOTALS: $1,479,783 $261,762 $1,400,000 $3,141,545

Items highlighted in green are new grant monies awarded to the Town in December 2019, totaling $971,545.

1)  The final amount awarded is dependent on the actual make ready billed amounts after project completion.  If the final excess make ready costs are larger or smaller, the amount will be adjusted accordingly.

2)  These monies are provided in equal 1/10 disbursements over the 10 years following project completion.  Funds are conditional upon meeting some federal reporting & other requirements.


Beginning in January 2020, and continuing for the next six months, National Grid and their subcontractors will be doing tree trimming around all of the utility company poles and wires in preparation for the build out of the fiber optic network that is to begin later this year.

National Grid, or their subcontractors, will be going door to door to obtain permission to do this tree trimming.   Please assent to their request and ask them to do “heavy” trimming as this will result in the most effective protection against future utility company and fiber optic line damage from overarching branches.

Please communicate this message to your family, friends and neighbors who live in Goshen and refer them to the Recent Announcements section of the Goshen home page to see this entire message.


As part of the preliminary work associated with the construction of Goshen’s fiber optic network, mapping of utility poles will commence on Monday, November 15, 2017.  This work is being carried out by Westfield Gas & Electric using a sub-contractor called Precision Valley Communications. Mapping will continue for the next several weeks including weekends.  In addition to measuring utility poles on the streets, workers will also need to take measurements of utility poles that run on people’s driveways. Work will not be done on days during rain or falling snow.  Crews will be in marked cars that have a magnetic sign and flashing beacon lights.  The workers will also be wearing safety vests that prominently display their identification.  Their normal work hours are between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

No action is required by you. This message is intended to make you aware of this activity should you see unfamiliar vehicles or workers.

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