Gun Ownership & Firearms Laws in Massachusetts

Click on Gun Ownership in Massachusetts, for information on the following:

  • Agencies involved in firearms licensing
  • Firearms license class categories
  • Application process, fees, and renewals
  • Training requirements
  • Transporting firearms in motor vehicles
  • Carrying rifles and shotguns on public ways while hunting
  • Storage of firearms at home
  • Non-residents
  • Aliens

Click on Massachusetts Firearms Laws, for information on the following:

  • License to Carry (LTC) & Firearm Identification (FID) Card
  • Chapter 284 of the Acts of 2014 amended the Massachusetts gun law and made changes to many of the law’s provisions
  • Additional Resources contains information on:  Exemptions; Storage Law; Approved Firearm Safety & Locking devices

Click on Firearms Services (The Firearms Records Bureau is the Commonwealth’s repository for all firearms license and transaction data, issues non-resident firearms licenses and resident alien permits, and provides guidance to local licensing officers), for information on the following:

  • Apply for or renew a firearms license
  • Record a private firearms sale or transfer
  • Firearms license frequently asked questions
  • Check the status of your firearms license application
  • Obtain your firearms license PIN
  • Report an address or name change for your firearms license
  • Appeal a firearms license denial
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