Dog License reminder

Posted on February 25, 2021


Town Clerk Kristen Estelle reminds residents that 2020 dog licenses expire March 31st, and 2021 licenses need to be obtained.  A dog licensing form was mailed with the street listing, but can also be found here: Dog Licenses – Goshen, MA (

Neutered/ spayed dogs are $5 each; intact dogs are $10. Valid rabies certificates are required and must be sent with the dog license form. A certificate of spaying/neutering must also be sent to obtain a spayed female / neutered male license. As the town offices are still closed to the public at this time, please send the dog license form, fee(s) and certificate(s) along with a stamped self-addressed envelope for the return of the license(s) and tag(s) to: Goshen Town Clerk, 40 Main Street, Goshen, MA 01032. You may also drop the paperwork off in the town clerk drop box, located to the left of the door to the town offices.

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