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Building Department Fee Schedule

Valuation of Project

All proposed projects will be assigned a value based on the following:

Dwelling units (new construction and additions) – $150.00/Sq. Ft.
Residential accessory buildings & non-living space – $   30.00/Sq. Ft.
Conversion of non residential space to living space – $120.00/Sq. Ft.
Residential garages – $   30.00/Sq. Ft.
Commercial and industrial new construction and additions – $200.00/Sq. Ft.
Commercial accessory buildings – $   50.00/Sq. Ft.
Conversion of non-commercial /industrial space to comm/indust – $150.00/Sq. Ft.

In cases where square footage is not relevant, fee will be based on a sound estimate of cost as determined by the Building Inspector.


Upon determination of project cost, fees shall be assessed at a rate of $6.00 per $1,000.00 of value. There shall be a minimum fee in all cases of $50 except as noted below.

Siding, re-roofing, replacement windows (1 &2 family residence) – $   50.00
Change of use & occupancy (no structural renovations) – $   50.00
In ground pool – $100.00
Above ground pool – $   50.00
Temporary dwelling or construction trailer –
$   50.00
Permit for residential foundation only –
$   50.00
Wood stove or chimney permit –
$   50.00
Replacement of permit card or other certificate –
$   20.00
Stop work order (posted and lifted) –
$   50.00
Re-inspection fee (each visit) –
$   30.00
Signs –
$   50.00
Fire or natural disaster repairs (1 & 2 family residence) –
$   50.00
Demolition –
$   50.00
Inspections requested when not related to any issuance of permit –
$   25.00

Fees will be doubled when construction is started prior to issuance of permit.

Special note on wood stoves:

Fee for wood stove permit will be waived in one and two family construction if proposed installation is noted by applicant as part of application for permit to construct or alter residence.


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