Transfer Station – Hours, Fees, Rules and Regulations

Transfer Station Hours

Closed on Legal Holidays


1) Transfer Station Recycling Sticker (available from the transfer station attendant)

Residential Vehicle Sticker $ 30.00
Senior Vehicle Sticker $ 15.00
Seasonal Vehicle Sticker $ 15.00

2) The Town of Goshen uses a “residents only” ticket, pay-per-bag system for household waste disposal (available from the transfer station attendant).

Ticket Prices

10 tickets @ $2.00/each = $20.00

15 tickets @ $1.50 each = $22.50 (Seniors only)

Pay-per-bag Fees

30 Gallon (Residents)               $   2.00

30 Gallon (Senior Citizens)   $   1.50

Larger Loads ½ Full Pick-up Truck                  $ 30.00
You must speak with attendant prior to disposal.  Attendant may add additional fees as needed.

3) Miscellaneous Large Item Disposal

Mattresses & Box Springs (All Sizes) $ 40.00
Note: Residents can save $5.00 per mattress if they want to bring a DRY mattress directly to the Williamsburg Transfer Station.  Cost is $35.00/mattress (any size) made payable by check to “Town of Williamsburg”.  The Williamsburg Transfer Station is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Williamsburg has a mattress-recycling program.

Couches (2 or more seats)

Small Couch/Loveseat

Sleeper Sofa

Stuffed Chairs

Recliner Chairs

Miscellaneous Large Items

Miscellaneous Small Items

Toilets, Tubs, Sinks

Cabinets, scrap lumber, doors

$ 15.00

$ 10.00

$ 25.00

$ 10.00

$ 15.00

$ 10.00

$    5.00

$ 15.00

$    5.00

Prices for unlisted items determined by attendant.  Place items in the proper open top box at site.

4) Large Metal Item Recycling Fees

Washing Machines

Microwaves and Other Metal Appliances

Dryers and  Stoves

Water Tanks

Lawn Mowers/Snow blowers / Roto Tillers

Wood stoves (Cleaned out), Other Metal Items

$ 15.00

$    5.00

$ 15.00

$ 10.00

$ 15.00 (gas & oil removed)

$ 10.00

5) Electronics Recycling (please do not take units apart before recycling)

Television Sets (up to 27”)

Large Screen TVs & Consoles

Computer Screens, Printers, and CPU’s

LED/LCD/Plasma Screens

$    5.00

$ 20.00

$    5.00

$ 10.00

6) Tire Recycling Program

Passenger Tires

Passenger Tire with Rim

Motorcycle Tires

Truck Tire (over 18 – 25 inches)

Truck Tire with Rim

$   5.00

$ 10.00

$   2.00

$ 10.00

$ 20.00

Larger Tires are priced by the attendant

7) Propane Tank and Fire Extinguisher Recycling

1 lb. and 20 lb. Propane Gas Grill Tanks Recycling Free
Household Fire Extinguisher Recycling Free

8) Universal Waste Recycling (see attendant)

Rechargeable batteries, button and lithium batteries, fluorescent and compact lights (spirals); mercury containing devices – thermometers, thermostats, and ballasts containing PCBs are recycled through an HRMC program. Please bag each rechargeable battery in its own zip lock bag.

Alkaline, Carbon zinc, and zinc chloride batteries (all sizes:  AAA, AA, C, D, 9- Volt and lantern) can go in the bagged trash.  No Charge.

9) Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

The HRMC holds an annual HHW collection each fall and offers Goshen residents the opportunity to participate in at least six other HHW collection events in the region.  Pre-registration is required for all events.  For more information contact HRMC.

10)    Recycling of Paper and Containers (No Charge – place in proper container).

The Board of Health has adopted a goal of 50%.  Please do your part to help attain that goal.  Please do not place recycling in plastic bags.

11)    Holiday String lights can be recycled in the Metals container.

Blue Recycle Bins are available from the attendant at site. Clothing May be left in the Salvation Army Box.  Books may be recycled in the book bin.

QUESTIONS:  Email the Goshen Board of Health at, or, call the HRMC at (413) 685-5498 or email to

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