FAQ Topic: Assessors

How can I get copies of the Assessors maps?

Here are the latest Assessor’s Maps: Goshen Assessors’ Maps_2013 – Index Goshen Assessors’ Maps_2013 – Sheet 1 Goshen Assessors’ Maps_2013 – Sheet 2 Goshen Assessors’ Maps_2013 – Sheet 3 Goshen Assessors’ Maps_2017 – Sheet 4 Goshen Assessors’ Maps_2017 – Sheet 5 Goshen Assessors’ Maps_2017 – Sheet 5-A Goshen Assessors’ Maps_2013 – Sheet 6 Goshen Assessors’ … Continued

Where can I find abatement, exemption, Chapter 61 and other forms?

Abatements Application for Abatement of Real Estate or Personal Property Application for Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Abatement (short form) Application for Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Abatement (long form)  Exemptions Application for Senior Exemption Application for Statutory Exemption for the Blind Application for Veterans Exemption Chapter 61 Application for Chapter 61 – Forestry Application for Chapter … Continued

What are the Board of Assessors Form and Application deadlines?

February 1st:  Application for Abatement of Real Estate or Personal Property March 1st: 3ABC Application Forms for Charitable Property owners. Personal Property “Form of List” applications Income and Expense Statements Month of March: Personal exemptions are due 90 days from the mailing of the 3rd quarter actual tax bill. July 1st (Beginning of the Fiscal … Continued

What do I need to know about motor vehicle excise tax?

According to the Department of Revenue, the motor vehicle excise is imposed for the privilege of registering a motor vehicle.  It is an assessment in lieu of a personal property tax, however it is billed on a calendar year, not a fiscal year like real and personal property.  The amount of the motor vehicle excise … Continued

What is Proposition 2 ½?

This is the title given to an initiative petition adopted by the voters of Massachusetts in 1980. It restricts the increase in the tax levy to two and a half percent of the prior year’s tax levy, plus new growth, overrides and/or debt exclusions. Proposition 2½: does not apply to individual tax bills.

When and how is property valued?

An assessment, by law, must be at market value (a.k.a. full and fair cash value) as of January 1 of each year. Every three years the Department of Revenue (D.O.R.) certifies that assessments are at market value by reviewing the sales data within the town.  (Between the triennial certification periods assessed values are reviewed and … Continued

What is market value and how is it determined?

Market value is the major focus of most real property appraisals.  Usually included in the definition is the price that a typically motivated buyer will give a typically motivated seller, as of a specified date, allowing for a reasonable exposure time in the market.  It should be noted that the sale price of a property … Continued

What are the exemptions for tax bills?

Exemptions Exemptions to Persons – Massachusetts General Laws contain several statutes that provide for individual exemptions from real property tax bills.  Personal exemptions are specific to the individual and applied to the owners’ real estate.  Exemptions are available for veterans with a war-service connected disability; “legally” blind person; a surviving spouse or minor children of … Continued

What happens when an abatement is granted or denied?

ABATEMENTS GRANTED Upon Board of Assessors vote on the abatement application, the “disposition of application” section at the bottom of the abatement application will be completed by Assistant Assessor. This section includes notes on adjustments to value and tax amounts that need to be made on the Town’s records. The Board of Assessors sign off … Continued

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