When are changes to the improvements applied to the property value as compared to changes in value due to market conditions?

Physical changes to property such as an addition to the house are applied up to June 30 for the next fiscal year values.

The assessed value is an estimate of what the property could have sold for on the date of valuation (January 1) if it had been available for sale, and exposed to the market for a reasonable period of time.

Each year the Assessors strive to have assessments uniform and fair based on the sales that took place from January to December of the year prior to January 1 valuation date.

Challenges to these values are welcome through the abatement process.

Properties with physical changes due to a building permit received the additional increase of the remodeling/addition based on what was done by June 30.  Any physical change noted by the Assessors can be applied to a property at any time, whether or not a permit is involved, it then becomes an issue of what fiscal year it is applied.

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