Solar Panels on the Fire Station

The Town of Goshen is looking for proposals from qualified contractors to design, procure, install, test, commission, and interconnect to the electric company (National Grid) a Solar Photovoltaic power generating system at the Fire House located at 56 Main Street, Goshen, MA 01032.

Funding for this project consists of exclusively of Green Communities Grant funding from DOER, with maximum available funds of approximately $33,000.

The 12 KW Solar Photovoltaic power generating system is expected to be installed on the roof of the fire station in June, 2019.


1. Question: We are not usually required to conduct the engineering study. This is because if something comes up which requires upgrading, we don’t have the ability to include that cost into the Bid proposal. Usually the town conducts the engineering study and knows what needs to be completed for the solar installation.

Answer: It is good practice for some type of an evaluation of roof life and strength to be done by the installer. In the event that the roof needs fortification, that cost would be paid by the Town.

2. Question: There is a reference to the Solar Rebate. That program does not exist. The current incentive is the SMART program. It would not be possible to guarantee the incentive value as the blocks fill on a first come first serve basis. There is also an application fee and meter fee. Are we supposed to cover those costs as well?

Answer: Yes it is the SMART Program now and all potential costs should be included.

3. Question: You may want to check that you can use the Green Communities Designation grant monies for a solar PV system that you also want to apply for the SMART incentive. I do not know if there is a prohibition for both revenue streams.

Answer: There is no prohibition.

4. Question: DAS required for monthly reports pg 7, Hourly or shorter basis pg 9. Hourly or shorter is going to be extremely difficult or costly. Most DAS report at max 3 times a day and that is with a good internet connection.

Answer: RFP has been amended to 3 times per day.

5. Question: Will the town provide a hard wired modem or router with internet connection for the DAS to plug into at the Fire Station?

Answer: The Town will provide the device.

6. Question: DAS requirements pg 9. Ambient air speed, Global irradiation are not possible with simple DAS. They are not required for any State or utility program. Only utility scale systems would have need for this info.

Answer: All reference to ambient air, temperature, and global radiation has been removed from the RFP.

7. Question: Demand savings estimates pg 8 f). This not going to be possible given the unknown actual generation of the PV system and the unknown actual electrical demand of the fire station at any time.

Answer: Reference to demand charges has been removed from the RFP.

8. Question: We need a copy of the electric bill for the fire dept building. or the rate class of the fire dept account. and what the electric rate for distribution and supply the town is paying. then we can calculate the SMART incentive payments and long term savings. It would also be good to know what the electrical demand is for the building to ascertain the potential offset from solar PV generation.

Answer: I have attached three bills from last Sept – December. The current supply rate of $0.1196 is locked in (through Hampshire Power) until 6/30/19 at which point the rate will go to $0.1126 for the the next 12 months.

Cert of Noncollusion

Goshen Fire House PV Bid – amended 04-10-19

Goshen Fire House PV Bid

Natl Grid Fire Station Invoices Sep-Dec 2018

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