Re-Imagine Goshen Center Project

To mail a donation by check follow the protocol below:

  • Make the check payable to:  Town of Goshen
  • In the memo field write:  Re-imagine Goshen Center
  • You may indicate a sponsorship option on your check.  See the Sponsorship List link below for options.
  • Mail to this address:
    • Town of Goshen
    • Open Space Committee
    • 40 Main Street
    • Goshen, MA  01032

To make a donation by electronic check or credit card go to the Re-Imagine Goshen Center  project donation page, fill out the form and select add to cart.

֎ Re-Imagine Goshen Center Project Documents

Re-imagine Goshen Center Project Plan

Re-imagine Goshen Center Sponsorship List

֎ Re-Imagine Goshen Center Project FAQs

What is the mission of the Re-imagine Goshen Center project?

The mission is to create a vibrant town center that:

  • Provides space for recreational, cultural, and social gatherings.
  • Welcomes people of all ages and abilities.
  • Promotes community pride through beautification of the town center.
  • Offers a landscape that encourages physical activity and social gatherings.
  • Stimulates economic activity.

How this project will impact Goshen center?

The new attractive and accessible town green will transform an underutilized area into a social hub for the town of Goshen.  It will also provide a new and more flexible space for public events hosted by the Council on Aging, Cultural Council, town library, town government, and private associations.

What are the proposed changes?

Phase 1, 2023 through 2024, encompasses removing the tennis court and cutting down nearby trees beyond the town parking lot.  In the memorial lawn area, plans include pruning the 9/11 memorial tree, linden and dogwood trees, and removing invasive trees and shrubs.  Phase II which starts in 2025 encompasses construction of a timber frame pavilion and expansive common green, and a much-needed facelift of the memorial lawn area,  New features include Goshen stone walls and a patio with café tables, a brick walkway, wrought iron archway at the entrance to the park, refurbished veteran and 9/11 memorials, a donor trellis, park benches, lawn areas, and plantings of trees, shrubs, and pollinator gardens.  ADA compliant walkways will provide access to the park and pavilion.

What else will the newly enhanced town center offer?

A pavilion with picnic tables will provide a covered area for use by individuals or group gatherings.  A large lawn area adjacent to the pavilion will offer an outdoor space for multiple functions, including musical entertainment, lawn games (bocce ball, croquet, frisbee), exercise/yoga, youth activities, and much more.  Park benches will be available for reading, relaxation, or conversation with friends and family.  A flagpole patio will provide a space for memorial ceremonies.  Two smaller lawn areas within the park provide a more intimate space for passive recreational use.

How is the project being funded?

This project is being funded through the Town of Goshen’s Community Preservation Act Funds dedicated for open space, as well as individual and business monetary and in-kind donations.  Additionally, we are pursuing grant funding.

How do I volunteer to help with the Re-imagine Goshen Center project?

Have you ever wondered how you can contribute to your community?  The Open Space Committee is seeking volunteers for the Re-imagine Goshen Center project.  We need volunteers in many areas:  marketing, event planning, fundraising, project management, construction, and more.  Volunteer time is flexible; you can sign up for any number of hours.  Please help us transform Goshen center from an underutilized space to a vibrant community resource.

To volunteer for this committee—or if you have questions or comments—please email us at


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