High Speed Internet – Utility Company Tree Trimming

Posted on March 1, 2020

Fiber Optic Cable

Beginning in January 2020, and continuing for the next six months, National Grid and their subcontractors will be doing tree trimming around all of the utility company poles and wires in preparation for the build out of the fiber optic network that is to begin later this year.

National Grid, or their subcontractors, will be going door to door to obtain permission to do this tree trimming.   Please assent to their request and ask them to do “heavy” trimming as this will result in the most effective protection against future utility company and fiber optic line damage from overarching branches.

Please communicate this message to your family, friends and neighbors who live in Goshen and refer them to the Recent Announcements section of the Goshen home page to see this entire message.


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