FAQ Topic: Emergency Services

When do house numbers need to be put up?

All current houses in Goshen should have visible numbers. Any new construction should post the number as soon as ground is broken for construction. The fine for not displaying numbers is $25.

Where can numbers for the house be purchased?

Most hardware stores and home improvement centers sell house numbers. Remember, the numbers need to be 5” minimum in height and in a color that contrasts with the background they will be placed on. Reflective numbers are best for visibility.

Where do the numbers need to be placed?

All numbers shall be located on the street side of the house, 6 feet above the yard level, to the right side of the front door. If the house is located in excess of 50 feet from the street, the number must be located by the side of the driveway, at the edge of the … Continued

How do I get a house number?

The House Numbering Coordinator, appointed by the Fire Chief, is responsible for issuing new numbers. The House Numbering Coordinator is Fire Chief Susan Labrie. Requests for new house numbers can be made by calling 413-268-7161 (fire station) and leaving a message.

Why does Goshen need house numbers?

The purpose of numbering houses is to assist in locating and identifying buildings in the Town of Goshen. This project was undertaken by the Goshen Fire Department in 1992 as a first step in establishing an “Enhanced 911” system. This system enables emergency personnel to correctly pinpoint the location of the (non-cellular) caller and swiftly … Continued

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