New Hingham School Roof Repair – Completed


January 2020:

The repair of the New Hingham School roof has been completed.

Total project costs for both Chesterfield and Goshen amounted to $261,678.59.  This includes several change orders that increased the original bid price of $194,400 to the amount above.

Goshen’s share of the project cost is $129,213.76 and Chesterfield’s share of the project cost is $132,464.83.   Chesterfield did not borrow to pay their share of the project costs.  Goshen had to borrow, via a debt exclusion for 10 years, to pay for their share of the project costs.  This will add $27,059.44 in interest costs to Goshen’s share of the project resulting in a total cost to Goshen of $156,273.44.

June 2019:

The Chesterfield-Goshen School Committee met on Monday,  June 24th, 2019 to discuss and award the bid for the replacement of the New Hingham School roof.   Bids ranged from $194,400 to $1,279,000.  The lowest bid for the asphalt shingle option was $194,400 and for metal was $ 717,500, both low bids were submitted by Larochelle Construction, Inc.  Several on the Committee felt the significant difference of $523,100 between the bids necessitated serious consideration of the 50 year shingle bid.

There was extensive conversation and deliberation, with questions to the architect regarding the accuracy of the bids and validation of the qualifications of the bidders.   The architect confirmed the accuracy of the bid and that it was for 50 year lifetime shingles.  Additionally, the architects indicated they had worked successfully with the lowest bidder before, and that their overall score on 11 recent projects was 93 out of 100.  It was also noted that the winning bidder had installed the tarp on the roof last fall and was therefore familiar with the roof and had won a bid to install the shingle roof on the Chesterfield library two years ago, for which the Chesterfield Select Board was quite pleased.

After considerable discussion, the Chesterfield-Goshen School Committee voted 4 to 2 to award the bid to Larochelle Construction Inc, for the installation of an asphalt shingle roof.   It is anticipated that the school committee will sign the contract with Larochelle Construction at an upcoming meeting and the roof should be completed by December of 2019.

Prior to the meeting of June 24, 2019 the Town of Goshen had voted in favor of a debt exclusion to fund the repair of the New Hingham School roof at both the Annual Town Meeting held on May 20, 2019 and the Special Town Election held on June 5, 2019.

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