Goshen Sanitary Landfill Cap Repair

Goshen Transfer Station (8.3.2019)
Goshen Transfer Station (8.3.2019)
Landfill Cap Repair
Goshen Transfer Station (5.18.2019)

Project Timeline

04/07/2019 Work is expected to begin again during the week of 4/29/2019.
Winter, 2018 Be advised that work has stopped for the winter and will resume in late Spring 2019 dependent upon weather and ground conditions.
Goshen Cap Repair November 2018 Monthly Report with photos. Click below to view a copy of the report.
Goshen Cap Repair October 2018 Monthly Report with photos.  Click below to view a copy of the report.
06/26/2018 Received the following bid and construction schedule for the project:

07/03/2018 – Receive Permit/Review comments from DEP
07/18/2018 – Project listed in the Central register and local paper
07/25/2018 – Pre-Bid site walk with contractors
08/15/2018 – Bids Opened
08/27/2018 – Notice to Proceed Issued by the Town
10/16/2018 – Substantial Completion
10/31/2018 – Final Completion
06/23/2018 By a vote of 52-10, voters have authorized the Town of Goshen to exempt the amounts required to pay for the repair of the landfill cap from Proposition 2 1/2.
06/18/2018 The Clean Water Trust & MassDEP State Revolving Fund have approved Goshen’s application for emergency funding for the remediation work to be done on the drainage over the landfill cap.  This will allow Goshen to have a low interest 2% loan for the amount borrowed for the project.  It will save the town approximately $63,000 dollars over the life of the loan.  There will also be an option to have a small amount of the loan principle repaid to the town.
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