Zoning Board of Appeals


William O'Riordan

40 Main Street
Goshen, MA 01032
By appointment only.

The Zoning Board of Appeals, as mandated by Chapter 40A of state law, is the guardian of the Zoning Bylaw.  We have the authority to grant Special Permits and Variances as found in the town bylaws.  A link to the document is in the table below.

The Zoning Board of Appeals also handles appeals of Building Inspector decisions regarding zoning issues.

֎ Zoning Board of Appeals Members

William O’Riordan (ZBA) Chair - Term expires June 30, 2024
Stephen Estelle (ZBA) Member - Term expires June 30, 2025
Vuk Whallon (ZBA) Member - Term Expires June 30, 2026
Roger Culver (ZBA) Alternate - Term Expires June 30, 2025
VACANT (ZBA) Alternate - Term expires June 30, 2026
VACANT (ZBA) Alternate - Term expires June 30, 2024

֎ Zoning Board of Appeals Documents

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