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Select Board


Angela Otis

40 Main Street
Goshen, MA 01032
Regular meetings are held every other Monday at 6:00 p.m. in the Select Board office in the Town Office building.

֎ Overview

The Select Board is responsible for Town affairs between Town Meetings. It has six specific areas of authority and responsibility:

  • Preparing the town meeting warrant and calling town meetings. Voters at town meeting make most important decisions for the town, including setting budgets and passing by-laws. The Select Board decides what is put on the warrant for voter consideration.
  • Appointing people to town boards and offices, and appointing replacements when vacancies occur.
  • Employing town counsel.  No town official can be defended, nor can he or she bring suit through the town counsel without the Select Board's approval. Town counsel must also approve any agreement that binds the town legally. This does not apply to the school committee, which has specific authorization to employ and select its own counsel. No head of a department, commission, or committee or Town employee can consult Town counsel without permission of the Select Board.
  • Employing professional administrative staff, such as the Select Board's Administrative Assistant and various assistants to Town officers.
  • Signing warrants for the payment of all town bills. The Town Treasurer cannot issue a check until the Select Board has signed a warrant of authorization.

֎ Select Board Members

Angela Otis (SB) Chair - Term expires May 2021
Wayne Glaser (SB) Vice Chair - Term expires May 2022
Kristine Bissell (SB) Clerk - Term expires May 2023
Dawn Scaparotti (SB) Interim Town Administrator
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