Historical Commission


Joe Roberts
40 Main Street
Goshen, MA 01032
Meetings of the Goshen Historical Commission are held as required. They are open to the public, and meeting notices are posted at the Town Offices.


Goshen Historical Museum Then and Now

The Historical Commission was established by the Town in April of 1958 under Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 40, section 8d, for the preservation and protection of the historic resources of Goshen. The law states the powers and duties of the Commission.

For more information on the duties and responsibilities of this office please go to Local Historical Commissions In Massachusestts - A Summary Sheet For New Commission Members.

The Goshen Historical Museum, located at 13 Main Street in Goshen, is currently open only by arrangement through the contact on this page.

֎ Historical Commission Members

Joe Roberts (GHC) Chair - Term expires 6/30/2024
Sandra Greenwood (GHC) Vice-Chair - Term expires 6/30/2024
Ed Greenwood (GHC) member - Term expires 6/30/2023
VACANT (GHC) member - Term expires 6/30/2023
VACANT (GHC) Curator & Secretary - Term expires 6/30/2025
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