Cultural Council


Nancy Wood

Goshen Cultural Council
40 Main Street
Goshen, MA 01032
Meetings are scheduled as needed. There is not a fixed recurring meeting.

The Goshen Cultural Council invites applications from the Goshen community as well as from the surrounding towns. On-time applications will be considered for their benefit to individual citizens and for their potential to provide opportunities for area citizens to attend.

We welcome applicants with talent in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences.

October 15th is the deadline for applications every year.  Applications will be available on the Mass Cultural Council website, at the link below, beginning September 1.

Cultural Council Application

All applications are submitted online.

֎ Cultural Council Members

Nancy Wood (CC) Chair - Term expires June 30, 2025
Rose Carr (CC) member - Term expires June 30, 2023
Jane O’Riordan (CC) member - Term expires June 30, 2023
Carla Raymond (CC) member - Term expires June 30, 2024
Marya Zilberberg (CC) member - term expires June 30, 2025
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