Animal Control and Animal Inspection


Warren Kirkpatrick - interim ACO

40 Main Street
Goshen MA 01032
Only by appointment

Dogs six months and older must be licensed.

Licenses expire yearly on March 31st.

Licenses may be obtained from the town clerk during regular office hours, or by mail: The following information is required:Owner's name, address and telephone number, along with the dog's name, breed, color, age and sex.
A copy of dog's valid rabies certificate from a licensed veterinarian is required.

Fee, based on whether the animal is spayed   or not, regardless of gender: Spayed/neutered: $5.00 (a copy of the spaying/neutering certificate is required). Unspayed/unneutered: $10.00.

BY MAIL: Dog owners wishing to license their dog(s) by mail may send the necessary information, fee(s) and certificate(s) along with a stamped self-addressed envelope (include a second stamp for multiple licenses) for the return of the license(s) and tag(s) to the attention of the Goshen Town Clerk at 40 Main Street, Goshen MA 01032.

LATE FEE REMINDER: As voted at the September 12, 1994 Special Town Meeting, there is a $25.00 fine for failing to license any dog over six months of age. This fine goes into effect on June 1st of the licensing year.

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