Kristine Bissell

40 Main Street
Goshen, MA 01032


The three Goshen Town Almoners are appointed to oversee the accounting and expenditures of funds given to the town through the will of the late Whiting Street and Wright Fund.  The purpose of the funds is to provide “relief and comfort of the worthy poor . . .”

Funds are available to residents of Goshen that face financial hardship.  Residents that would like to apply for consideration must fill out the application and submit it to the town treasurer.  Funds are typically one-time payments that are dispersed directly to a debtor of the approved resident as available.

After completing the application, please submit it to the Treasurer via the locked mailbox in the Town Hall.  All applications are confidential to the Board of Almoners.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Almoners please reach out through the contact e-mail listed on this page.

Kris Bissell (A) Chair Almoners
Michael Rock (A) Treasurer Almoners
Steve Estelle (A) Secretary Almoners
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