Website Policy

This website is designed and intended to be a "bulletin board" for the Town of Goshen. Its aim is to provide factual, timely information about the town and its government, as well as links to other factual information with a connection to Goshen.


Information on this website is subject to the Massachusetts Public Records laws. All information to be found here is public, and no confidential information is to be posted.


The Goshen Selectboard appoints the members of the Goshen Website Committee. To manage the site day-to-day, the Selectboard appoints a Webmaster. The Webmaster may be, but is not required to be, a member of the Goshen Website Committee. The governing authority for website policy is the Goshen Selectboard. If you have a complaint about website policy, address it to the Webmaster at If you are not satisfied with the Webmaster's decision, you can appeal to the Goshen Website Committee, then to the Selectboard. As the final authority over this website, the Selectboard may change policy at any time.


The Town of Goshen is not responsible for and does not endorse the information provided by links. Whether links are provided by the Goshen Website Committee or other participants such as departments and committees, they are to be limited to factual information.


The Town of Goshen maintains this electronic bulletin board to provide access to information about the town and its government. It is important for users to understand that this information changes constantly, and updating it relies heavily on volunteers. We strive to make timely and accurate information available at all times, but make no guarantees. Please bring errors to our attention, and we will make every effort to correct them. Please do not assume that positions taken on this website are in fact positions of the Town.

Neither the Town of Goshen nor its employees assume legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy of the information you find on this website, nor is there any intent to suggest that using this information might not infringe on privately owned rights.