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Goshen Women's Club

The Goshen Women's Club is a social club founded in the 1920s. In early days, husbands and children took part, but as the club evolved, it became a women's social and community service group. Whether it is organizing a funeral dinner, a card party, a trip, or another of its many activities, the Women's Club has been having fun and getting things done for over 90 years.


The club celebrated its 90th anniversary in early 2012 with a well-attended gathering in Town Hall. Guests of honor were four members of long standing who were at least 90 years of age. They were (alphabetically): Alice Beals, Virginia Otis, Annie Thomas, and Marguerite Webb. Also among the attendees were Kit Rock, a granddaughter of one of the club's founders, Mrs. Harriet Dresser, and Kit's daughter Michaela Rock, a great-granddaughter of Harriet Dresser.


The history of the Women's Club, as chronicled by Harriet Dresser in 1947, makes for interesting reading as a snapshot of the club and the Town at the time.  Click on 'Ramblings on the Early Days of the Womans Club' file below.

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