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Goshen Historical Society (G.H.S.)

Goshen Historical Society 2017
Come Learn About The History of Our Town!

March 26th
2 pm, Sunday

Shays’ Rebellion: Reclaiming the Revolution by Tom
Goldscheider.  Shays’ Rebellion of 1786-87 presents an uncomfortable
chapter in our history. How do we account for an armed insurrection
by 4,000 men against the state in the cradle of the American Revolution?

April 30th
2 pm, Sunday

Art in the Face of Mortality: A Sampling of Gravestone Art
in the Connecticut River Valley
by Al & Betsy McKee.
will discuss various gravestone traditions, carvers and
motifs found in the Connecticut River valley and in some eastern
portions of the state.

September 10th
2 pm, Sunday

More Willcutt Photos Revealed
by Jessica Judd.  Jessica will present some Willcutt family photographs, many of which are town scenes. Please come and help identify the buildings and places!
We will also show some of the previously unidentified Willcutt photos that were worked on by Bob Labrie, in hopes of shedding light on these iconic early twentieth century hilltown images.

October 29th
2 pm, Sunday

Mysterious Massachusetts by Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe, followed by
Annual Meeting and Elections
Every state has its ghost stories, but no other state has the Dover Demon
or the Salem Witch Trials. From sea-side ghosts to UFOs over the
Berkshires, Massachusetts has a rich history of paranormal legend, odd
events, and strange denizens. In this program, we'll have a look at some
of the most famous of Massachusetts' paranormal history.

Our programs are free, open to the public and held in the
John James Memorial Town Hall, 42 Main St. (Rt. 9), Goshen, MA.
All ages welcome! Doors open 20 minutes before each program. 

Would you like to become a member of GHS? Your membership will help support the
activities of the Society! 
Annual membership is $5 per person, and a lifetime membership is $30 per person.
For more information on programs, memberships, etc., contact:
Kristen Estelle, President
Goshen Historical Society
(413) 268-7120
126 Berkshire Trail West, Goshen MA 01032-9600
Officers (2016-2017):
President: Kristen Estelle
Treasurer: Jonathan Foulkes
Secretary: Nancy Wood

Jessica Judd
William O'Riordan
William Fivel
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