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Town Caucus

The 2016 Town Caucus will be held at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall on  March 21, 2016.

All residents are invited to participate.

Here is a list of the current open positions in the Town government and the individuals whose terms are expiring.

Any town resident can be nominated for any of these positions.  As you can see, there are several positions that are open due to a vacancy or the incumbent not seeking re-election.



Elected Official

Will Run Again?

 Almoners                  3 years Stephen M. Estelle
 Assessors3 years Diane Bushee
 Board of Library Trustees3 years Melanie Dana        
3 years Marcia Shaw
 1 year  Vacant Position
 Finance Committee                                    3 years  
 Nancy Grove
 3 years Pearl Judd

1 year Vacant Position
 Chesterfield/Goshen Regional School Comm.3 years Mary PackardNO
 Moderator1 year Robert H. Labrie 
 Planning Board5 years Lisa Newman
 1 year Vacant Position
 Board of Selectmen 3 years Scott A. Bisbee NO
 Tilton Farm Supervisors 1 year Robert O. Goss 
  1 year Richard K. Polwrek 
  1 year Roger A. Culver 
 Hampshire County Councilor 2 years Diane Bushee