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The main telephone number for the Town of Goshen is 413-268-8236.  The FAX number is 413-268-8237

Here is a directory of numbers to choose from to help direct your call:

To leave a message for all other Departments or Boards, dial ext. 405


 DepartmentName Extension 
Accountant Roland Chaffee     413-584-1300
X 156 
Asst. Accountant Will Shattuck          109 
Board of Assessors Gina Papineau 302 
  Cassie Morrey 302 
  Diane Bushee    302 
Board of Health Chet Lulek 110 
  John Rooney 110 
  Elizabeth Bell-Perkins 110 
Health Agent Valerie Bird 413-268-8404 
Select Board Angela Otis, Chair 301 
  Diane Bushee, Vice Chair301 
  Wayne Glasser, Clerk301 
Admin. Asst. Melissa Papillon 301 
Build. Inspector Joseph Latronica 305
Build Insp. Admin. Asst. Pat Morey305 
Electrical Inspector     Curt Golec     413-320-1156
Gas/Plumbing Inspector Don Lawton  413-268-7487
Conservation Comm. Sandy Papush 451 
  Charles Amo451
  James Heroux451 
  Lloyd Ewing 451 
Council on Aging Rose Clark, Dir. 118 
Highway Todd Dewkett 413-268-7062 
Library Martha Noblick 111 
Police Dept. Chief Jeffery Hewes 413-268-3116 
Town Clerk Gina Papineau 107 
Tax Collector Michelle Bond 106 
Town Treasurer Allan Kidston 108