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Dog Licenses Are In

posted Feb 12, 2018, 7:28 AM by Goshen Webmaster

Dog licenses are in and can now be picked up in the Town Clerks office.

The Town Clerk is available on Mondays from 8AM to 2PM and again on Monday evenings from 6-8 PM.

Current Goshen Weather

posted Jan 27, 2018, 10:48 AM by Goshen Webmaster   [ updated Jan 27, 2018, 10:48 AM ]

The Goshen Town Offices are the site of a weather station that is monitored by the folks at WeatherBug.com.

Users can download the free WeatherBug app here to your computer or phone for instant updates whenever you check.

Community Development Strategy Review Meeting - 1/17/2018

posted Jan 11, 2018, 10:32 AM by Goshen Webmaster






Come help determine the town’s goals and priorities in Affordable Housing, Transportation, Land Use, Natural Resources, Energy Efficiency, Health and Human Services and more!


8:00 P.M. Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Message from Goshen EMD - January 4th Winter Storm

posted Jan 4, 2018, 9:38 AM by Goshen Webmaster

The snow will continue until this evening but the bigger concern will be the expected low temperatures and high winds, which will hit later this evening and continue through tomorrow and later. There is a potential for power outages because of downed trees and branches. These outages may be prolonged because the high winds may delay restoration efforts.

A regional emergency shelter will open Friday at 9 am at the Smith Vocational & Agricultural High School in Northampton. If needed, we will open local warming centers. Any openings will be announced through the town-wide call system.

Currently the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) is not open but I am monitoring the situation from my home office. If the EOC opens, an announcement will be sent out.

Please stay off the roads and be safe. Please report any downed wires by calling 9-1-1.

Thank you.

Larry Holmberg
Goshen Emergency Management Director

Important Notice from National Grid - Payment Scams

posted Dec 18, 2017, 2:02 PM by Goshen Webmaster   [ updated Dec 18, 2017, 2:02 PM ]

National Grid is re-issuing this press release from earlier this year because they have seen an increase in the rate of suspicious calls. 

Imposters Demanding Immediate Payment Through Prepaid Cards Should Be Reported

WALTHAM, MASS. – Reported utility billing and payment scams are resurfacing once again in New England. And National Grid is warning its customers to beware and know the signs of a scam.Customers who reported the scams say they were contacted by telephone by individuals who claim to be from National Grid and who advised the customers they have a past due balance on their utility bill.

The scammers warn that service will be shut off immediately unless the customer purchases a prepaid debit card in a specific amount, such as Green Dot card, and provides the caller with the card’s account number, or in the case of business customers, by way of a Western Union money transfer. This is a huge warning sign.

The scenario can change, but the goal of the scammer remains the same: scare customers into making hasty, often large payments.

National Grid does contact customers with past due balances by phone to offer payment options, but never demands direct payment through the use of a prepaid debit card and never accepts payment through these cards.

Scam artists have become increasingly sophisticated in replicating National Grid’s recorded messaging and directions for phone prompts, making it more difficult to differentiate an actual National Grid call from an imposter’s call. Similar scams have been reported across the U.S. by other utilities.

Customers who believe they have fallen victim to the scam should contact National Grid and local law enforcement officials immediately.

National Grid urges customers to know the red flags and offers the following tips:

  • Customers should always contact National Grid using the toll-free telephone numbers listed on the billing statement.  If you are provided a phone number that does not match the numbers on the billing statement, it is likely the call is a scam.
  • Be vigilant. If you believe you are current on your National Grid account, it is highly likely a call seeking payment is a scam.
  • Protect yourself. Ask the caller to provide the last five digits of your National Grid account number. If the caller doesn’t know your account number and fishes for help, take charge and hang up immediately.
  • Do not take the bait. Scammers will not have access to your account information, and you should never offer that information if asked.  National Grid representatives will know your account number.
  • National Grid may ask for a payment over the phone, but will leave the method of payment to the customer.
  • Do not fall for scare tactics and threats. National Grid will not contact customers demanding immediate payment by wire transfer, Green Dot Money-Pak or any other prepaid card service.
  • Do not cave to pressure. Never -- under any circumstances -- offer personal or financial information to someone who you cannot identify.
  • Every National Grid employee carries a photo ID card, and any contractor doing work for the company is also required to carry ID. If someone requesting entry into your home or place of business does not show an ID card, don’t let that person in and please call National Grid or your local law enforcement.

For more information please visit the National Grid website: www.nationalgridus.com, or their Connecting website. You can also follow them on Twitter, watch them on You Tube, Friend them on Facebook and find their photos on Instagram.

Pole Mapping Has Begun

posted Nov 16, 2017, 9:27 AM by Goshen Webmaster   [ updated Nov 16, 2017, 11:31 AM ]

As part of the preliminary work associated with the construction of Goshen’s fiber optic network, mapping of utility poles will commence on Monday, November 15, 2017.  This work is being carried out by Westfield Gas & Electric using a sub-contractor called Precision Valley Communications. Mapping will continue for the next several weeks including weekends.  In addition to measuring utility poles on the streets, workers will also need to take measurements of utility poles that run on people’s driveways. Work will not be done on days during rain or falling snow.  Crews will be in marked cars that have a magnetic sign and flashing beacon lights.  The workers will also be wearing safety vests that prominently display their identification.  Their normal work hours are between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

No action is required by you. This message is intended to make you aware of this activity should you see unfamiliar vehicles or workers.

Special Election Results

posted Oct 28, 2017, 3:34 PM by Goshen Webmaster

In the race for Goshen Select Board, James Heroux received 39 votes while James Barret received 33.

Question 1 received 68 yes votes, 12 no votes and 3 blanks.  Question 1 passes.

A copy of the Election Clerk Report is attached below.

Assessors Records Now Available Online

posted Oct 20, 2017, 5:43 AM by Goshen Webmaster   [ updated Oct 20, 2017, 5:43 AM ]

Goshen residents can now access their property listings electronically by clicking on this link. The site includes parcel data and is being provided as a service to the residents and taxpayers of Goshen.  Please note that any recent data updates and new construction made in our live office database may not be reflected in online database until the next update. All information and data displayed is for assessment purposes only and is not guaranteed or warranted. Each year the Town of Goshen determines fair market value of properties as of the prior January 1. The following current values are for Fiscal 2018. Any questions regarding assessment information should be directed to the Assessor’s Office.

Special Town Election - Saturday, October 21st from 9AM to 2PM

posted Oct 19, 2017, 4:39 PM by Goshen Webmaster

The Town of Goshen will hold a Special Town Election this coming Saturday, October 21.  The polls will be open between 9am and 2pm at the Town Hall at 42 Main Street.

There are two items on the ballot.  One is the race for Select Board to fill the seat vacated by former Select board member Nina Pinger.  James Heroux and James Barrett were nominated at a recent Town Caucus and are running for the office.

The other item is the following question:  Should the town vote to indemnify and save harmless municipal employees?

According to Town Clerk Gina Papineau, “Adoption of the proposed by-law will provide indemnification from personal loss for all those citizens who commit their time to civic and municipal involvement as elected, appointed or members of other Town boards or committees”.

She goes on to say that most towns and cities throughout Massachusetts have already adopted this provision of Mass General law.

Baker-Polito Administration Awards $770,000 Last Mile Grant to Expand Broadband Connectivity in Goshen

posted Oct 9, 2017, 8:33 AM by Goshen Webmaster

The following Press Release was received from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development on Thursday, October 5, 2017.
Baker-Polito Administration Awards $770,000 Last Mile Grant to Expand Broadband Connectivity in Goshen
GOSHEN, MA – The Baker-Polito Administration’s Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development has awarded the Town of Goshen a $770,000 Last Mile Infrastructure grant to design, engineer and construct a municipally-owned, broadband network. This grant will enable the town, in partnership with Westfield Gas and Electric, to bring broadband connectivity to at least 96 percent of homes and businesses.
“Expanding broadband connectivity in towns like Goshen is important to meeting the demands and needs of local businesses, residents, students and families, while providing opportunities to succeed and grow,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “We continue to prioritize advancing the Last Mile program and working with our municipalities to reach their connectivity goals.”
This Last Mile grant enables Goshen to bring broadband connectivity to a community which currently has no commercial broadband offering with a minimum speed of 25 Mbps for downloads and 3 Mbps for uploads.
“We are proud to partner with municipal leaders in Goshen and other Last Mile towns to increase the access their residents and businesses have to commercial high-speed internet,” said Lt. Governor Karyn Polito. “These vital connections improve opportunities for local economic growth and education.”
This award is part of $20 million in capital funds made directly available to the Last Mile towns. To date, The Last Mile program has been able to help 12,000 homes across 21 towns with almost $18 million in grants.
“The progress we have made since last May has been tremendous thanks to this administration’s commitment to close the connectivity gap and willingness of each of the towns to pursue pathways that best meet their needs,” said Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, Jay Ash. “There is more work to be done with Last Mile towns to close the connectivity gap and we look forward to the day when we announce the last, Last Mile town has reached its broadband goal.”
In May 2016, the Baker-Polito Administration introduced a new Last Mile leadership team and a new framework to accelerate implementation of broadband projects in unserved or underserved communities through a more flexible, community-based approach. Since then, the Baker-Polito Administration has supported efforts to expand broadband coverage to nine partially served towns, and approved grants to bring service to 28 of the 41 unserved towns. The Administration continues to assist and is fully committed to finding a pathways to state support for each of the remaining communities.
"It is an absolute priority to get each town on a clear path to full broadband connectivity,” said Senator Adam G. Hinds. “Today’s award to Goshen insures yet another rural community in western Massachusetts can overcome the digital divide. I applaud the community leaders who have devoted countless hours to get to this point, and appreciate the support of the Baker-Polito Administration, the MBI and Westfield Gas and Electric which helped Goshen finalize its dream of designing, engineering and constructing a municipally-owned, state-of-the-art, broadband network.”
Goshen will be working with a private sector partner to design, build, own and operate a fiber-to-the home (FFTH) broadband network. The community has committed to at least 96percent coverage with broadband speeds which well exceed the Federal Communication Commission’s definition of broadband over a network which will be futureproof with respect to the demand for broadband speed. The design and operation of this network is premised on the remarkable success of LeverettNet which is fully operational and exceeding all expectations.
“The citizens of Goshen have worked very hard to make their goal of a town-owned fiber broadband network a reality, and I am very pleased that they are receiving their full state funding allocation to move the project forward.,” said Representative Stephen Kulik. “Goshen will make the most of its high-speed broadband system to enhance economic, educational, civic, and social activities of the community, ensuring that a small rural town will have the same opportunities in the future that other parts of the Commonwealth do. I congratulate Goshen on its efforts, and look forward to successful completion of the project.”
Goshen applied to EOHED’s “Last Mile Infrastructure Grant Program for a Municipally-owned Broadband Network” which is modeled on the MassWorks grant program. This program is only available to Last Mile towns where the value of the award has been pre-determined and published by the Massachusetts Broadband Institute.
The program is modeled on EOHED’s successful MassWorks Infrastructure Program, a flexible, competitive grant program that funds local infrastructure projects that unlock economic growth. In addition, EOHED and the MBI will continue to assist municipalities that wish to partner with private broadband providers, or explore alternative solutions.

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